How to choose your GHD


Here are some tips on how to choose your GHD:

1) GHD is one of the most stressed pieces of equipment. Do not go cheap or weak! Steel tubes must feature at least a 70x50x3 mm. size. Hardware must be at least M12.

2) Because of the power brought to the GHD by the user, the GHD footprint must be wide in order to have it really stable. Do not go for a space-saving item.

3) The GHD should carry adjustable feet so to be always even!

4) Cushions: the foam they are made of, should be quite hard so to bear the weight and strength of the user. An important detail: the foam must cover the wood sheet that supports the whole cushion in order to avoid injuries while the user is totally tilted down toward the floor.

5) Ankle Rolls: the foam they are made of must be quite hard. A top-grade GHD should feature adjustable ankle rolls so as to safely hold any user’s ankles/feet size. Usually, GHDs are thought for long feet users, so most women shall move out easily from rolls’ hold..and that is dangerous!

6) The distance between the front cushions and the back ankle rolls must be adjustable. Please make sure the parts move on nylon bushings and distance can be fixed thanks to at least two knobs. Should this feature be weak, your GHD will shake any time you train.

7) A pair of carry-wheels on the GHD frame are always welcome!

8) The front handles: they are mandatory but, please make sure they are at least one quarter wider than the width of the two half-moon shaped cushions. Users must have a safe room within which to move.



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