Home training and gyms: design your next workout


Did you ever think the real challenge would be to keep your training zone open?
Did you ever think that your
training program would be conditioned by total or partial lockdowns?
How to manage time and space
to train at home? Will we go back to training “as before”?
Many question marks have invaded the mind and life of the entire Fitness community. From sport lovers to the pro athlete, no one is excluded. No one can avoid facing the reality that has shaken Fitness, one of our well-being and life quality foundations. Now is the time to face our daily life in order to prepare for a new future.

It’s true that many businesses can withstand the impact of such an unexpected event – like the Covid emergency – when they have a solid and rational approach that supports them. At the moment we don’t have any concrete answers in regards to how to deal with this unprecedented time, we just have temporary solutions that are designed to help us maneuver in the uncertainty of it all and make sure that the entire fitness community collaborates together in order to get back in motion.

Boxes and gyms: the fulcrum of a re-start

Everyone knows the importance of boxes and gyms for our daily wellbeing as it is continuously supported through scientific research and the most competent health organizations in the world. These fitness facilities are the place to nourish and strengthen our body, acting as the perfect place to nourish our social and mental well-being.

It’s crystal clear that after suffering the negative psychological consequences due to quarantines, lockdowns, and the lack of social interactions that gyms often provide, that a healthy environment will be more important now than ever.

This is an opportunity to design and relaunch our well-being mission while everything is on hold. We all need it.

Pic credits: CrossFit Factory Fulda


Xenios USA works with training zones worldwide in order to provide the best solutions to adapt and improve their space management. The combination of fully customized set-ups, safety devices, and equipment designed to keep the perfect distance between athletes will lead to easier and more efficient boxes and gyms.

Customizing rigs and storages, for example, has allowed spaces to be redesigned based on your economic, aesthetic, and functional needs. Many owners have already chosen new interior spaces for their gyms to achieve the perfect set-up and ease facility management while offering their users a renewed and safe fitness experience.

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Many others, on the other hand, have already identified outdoor training as one of the most immediate and effective solutions – not just to meet the containment directives for Covid-19, but also to amplify the beneficial effects of outdoor activity. Custom outdoor rigs have become an essential part of gyms and boxes that can take advantage of their outdoor spaces!

Outdoor Rig and Rack!

Home training: the advantages of the home gym

The quarantine and the compulsory closures of boxes and gyms have negatively affected the performance of those who train every day. In fact, many gyms users have not been able to satisfy their training needs. Disruption of training programs is often the first step to getting away from one’s fitness goals.
That’s why home training and home gyms have become a new and solid trend from which many will never want to go back. Over the last months, the Xenios USA community has understood how to train at home effectively, fostering many other athletes to fully understand the opportunities to have a home gym.

Pic Credits: Vanessa Wagner

We must say, home gyms are not the perfect solution for beginners or group workout lovers. They require a certain degree of autonomy through WOD management and execution. Anyway, everything can be gradual, especially since home gyms are quickly becoming affordable for everyone.

Such a fast change in the Fitness world has found a prompt response from those who have lived this world for years.


Getting used to the advantages of a home training zone is easy: no time constraints, no classes or scheduled workouts… The home gym allows you to reach moments of pure focus in a tailored environment for your WOD!

The first step is to know how to train autonomously. However, doing it for real – and within the limited spaces of your house – is something else.

Pic credits: Roberto Braghiroli

Xenios USA is aware of this, so it has designed a custom offer to meet the needs for space and equipment of your WOD. Indeed, achieving the experience of the “box at home” is possible, but only with adequate equipment, which can adapt to the house environments and supporting real workloads. Rubber flooring, plates, bar, rowers, bikes, rigs and racks… Everything is designed to offer a real advantage to those who train at home today, and those who will continue to do so tomorrow.

Pic credits: Roberto Braghiroli

However, do not forget that home gyms and gyms will always be two complementary activities and together can increase the sports’ beneficial effects. Social interaction is an essential aspect of our world and the Xenios USA community has shown it by sharing workouts and content in their home training facilities!

Do not be unprepared and discover how Xenios USA provides its athletes with the right tools to never stop their training. If you were looking for a new challenge, there’s no better moment than this!

Find out all you need for home training!



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