Interview with Emanuele Gollinucci, creator of the Trifit Method and Xenios USA partner

Trifit System: Italian licensing for group functional training that’s highly specialized.

The fitness world in Italy has gone through many transformations in the last years, during which the number of micro clubs has increased as well as the pronounced orientation of entrepreneurs, even if statistically still very weak, to rely on chains, licensing and franchising.

In regards to these trends, we’ve gotten to know a completely Italian brand: Trifit System, which proposes a consolidated method that’s able to increase the quality of life of people through physical activity. This is why we’ve decided to publish a brief interview with Emanuele Gollinucci, the creator of this method.

Interview with Emanuele Gollinucci, creator of the Trifit Method and Xenios USA partner

What is Trifit System?

Emanuele Gollinucci: First of all, Trifit is a personalized group training method based on functional training. Training is done in groups with functional training and athlete preparation methods, with a particular attention and personalization of the exercises to motor competence, physical characteristics and goals of each individual client.

Where is this method applied?

E.G.: Today it’s applied in our four centers in and around Cesena that are managed directly by my staff and since 2020, in affiliated centers located in Pesaro and Potenza Picena. The latest innovations of 2021 are the two Trifit Trucks completely equipped by Xenios, that bring the training environment to every corner of Romagna. Instead of asking our clients to come to us, we’ve decided to go to them.

What makes a Trifit Center different from a Box or a Personal Training and Functional Training center?

E.G.: In regards to many activities that seem similar, what makes us different is that we put the person, not the training, first. We’ve created a method that blends the motivating and engaging principles of athletic training in team sports with the modern concept of movement education. All of this is administered by presenting clear deals and without limiting memberships in order to offer a fun and efficient service, because in order to see consistent results you need to have fun.

What’s the investment needed to open a functional boutique?

E.G.: Actually the investment is quite accessible with respect to opening a traditional gym. It’s important to have clear ideas in regards to your project and working with quality manufacturers. We trusted Xenios USA for the functional equipment since their European warehouse is close by and being a brand chosen by athletes around the world gives us the guarantee of high quality service, trustworthiness and safety.

Does this mean that Trifit System not only includes technical aspects, but also includes measures related to marketing and sales services?

E.G.: Absolutely, Trifit System helps new business owners in fitness, like personal trainers or coaches, to open, manage, and profit from a training center through a complete method – from marketing to business management. We accompany affiliates on a path oriented towards growing and constantly rediscovering their technical and business capabilities in the coaching realm.

During my professional career, the biggest obstacle I had to face was the belief that being a good coach was enough to create a successful business. I had to learn the hard way that this isn’t the case, and one of the goals of Trifit is to transform fitness instructors into excellent coaches and then into efficient entrepreneurs. To open a center you need to have good marketing, an aptitude for leadership and specific competencies that took me years of training, extensive economic investments and many sleepless nights to get. This is exactly why we pay close attention to the personal and professional growth of our affiliates.

How can a coach or aspiring entrepreneur access Trifit’s services in a concrete way?

E.G.: The Trifit offer is accessible through two ways: one by receiving training and advice on specific subjects required by the owners or aspiring owners and the other, which we highly recommend, through affiliation.

To become a Trifit Top Affiliate means becoming a license holder of the brand Trifit, to have access to shared resources, to be part of a network where the entrepreneur is the protagonist of a process of constant growth with privileged access to information and continuous training. The goal is summarized perfectly in the Trifit Mission statement:

 “To create a network of people capable of spreading a training culture that’s able to activate a virtuous cycle of movement and healthy lifestyles. And to include as many people as possible that are determined to reach an excellent level of wellness (clients), professional growth and innovation (licensees).”

Why is it more advantageous to be part of a group rather than autonomously opening your own business?

E.G.: The world changes quickly as the ongoing sanitary crisis has shown us and also marketing and business dynamics changed. It’s necessary to be timely and have quick access to resources that have entrance barriers that are always more difficult to breach for small entrepreneurs. Being a part of a group means optimizing the sharing of services and know-how, along with someone that does things for and with you.

Who are Trifit’s services for and what is your promise?

E.G.: They’re for the people that want to become successful professionals and entrepreneurs in Fitness. We promise that adhering to Trifit programs will help to obtain excellent results in a short amount of time with manageable investments, avoiding all of the errors that I made in the past, since I’m considered a precursor in this type of activity.

What would you say is the biggest strength of the Trifit System?

E.G.: What we say is what we do! In the sense that together with Valentina (my partner in work and in life) and my staff, I dedicate every day to the field to predict and overcome problems. I predict well and try to find the best solution. I’m not trying to say that to be good trainers and consultants that you have to be involved at the management and operational level, but it certainly helps.

How can someone interested in your method contact you?

E.G.: We’re always available to give further information about our affiliation program. Those who are interested can contact us through this form.

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