The sandbag: one tool for a complete workout


When bodyweight workouts are no longer suitable or sufficient to achieve your Fitness goals, choosing the right equipment is crucial. The sandbag is one of the universal training tools, due to its versatility and training power. Coordination, strength, conditioning… you can develop almost any physical skill thanks to a specific training program.

The full-body workout for athletes and fighters
The Xenios USA Sandbag
Power Fitness Sandbags 2.0
Stone Sandbag with Filler Bag

The full-body workout for athletes and fighters

The sandbag is a popular piece of equipment in the Fitness world because it makes the lower and upper body work with intensity and effectiveness. That’s why it is used for athletic training and many other sports: from football to running, from rugby to the most extreme combat sports, such as MMA.

With the sandbag, you can improve your physical and athletic abilities with intense workouts. Usually, it is used for strengthening the core, thanks to the action of its unstable workload. Working with this equipment on strength and conditioning also fosters balance and coordination.

The sandbag: one tool for a complete workout

Once you choose the focus of your training program, the number of exercises you can perform is impressive.

Upper body

• Push-up (you can use the sandbag as a support for your squats)
• Cross push-up
• Military Press

Core and full-body

• Clean & jerk
• Plank (again, the sandbag will be your base)
• Dynamic plank

Lower body

• Swing
• Lunges in all their variations
• Squat

Don’t let its minimal design fool you. The sandbag is not a simple bag filled with sand. The best sandbags are designed to the slightest detail to give comfort, training intensity, and resist over time. Last but not least, sandbags provide a high level of safety, even during the most challenging training. A squat with a sandbag is safer than a squat with the bar.

Xenios USA designed three different sandbags, each of them with unique features to suit different athletes and workouts.

The Xenios USA Sandbag

Whatever your sport is, make sure you choose a sandbag that can withstand the dynamism of workouts. The Xenios USA Sandbag is perfect for any training program – Functional, Crosstraining or athletic training – and training zones. Training at home with little equipment is possible with the sandbag.


The Xenios USA Sandbag is made of Nylon Cordura 1000D to provide maximum resistance while preventing sand leakages.

Sandbag filling and leakage are usually two of the most critical issues with these tools. Thanks to the materials and the filling method of these sandbags, however, this phenomenon can be eliminated.

The training bag’s versatility is surprising, thanks to the seven ultra-resistant nylon handles, which are tested to bear a load of 2500 kg.


Power Fitness Sandbags 2.0

Here’s another Sandbag that perfectly fit with Functional Training needs. This training bag’s design is unique, but its attractive design is not ‘just aesthetics’. All design choices are made to increase the functionality and training comfort of this tool.


Firstly, the textured PVC coating of this Power Fitness Sandbags increases its resistance and improves grip. Secondly, the innovative sandbag loading system based on micro-filler bags. An internal “chambered” division ensures that the internal weight load does not move excessively. Greater balance, better exercises’ execution.

Finally, the padded handles (closer to the bag’s body) and reinforced seams increase the training comfort exponentially.

Discover all the other features of this innovative sandbag.

Stone Sandbag

Have you ever trained with a 90 Kg sandbag? If regular sandbags aren’t enough for your workouts, try these Strongman Sandbags. Stone Sandbags with Filter Bags and their cylindrical design are perfect for Strongman lifting and moving exercises.


The strength and solidity of the bag materials have also been adapted accordingly. Once again, Xenios USA didn’t leave anything to chance: Cordura® 1000D Nylon and funnel-shaped filling bag, with ultra-resistant double Velcro closure, are the main technical features to seal the bag’s content and make it last over time.

Your overhead and shouldering exercises have found the perfect tool to push your physical limits.

Quick-tip: Want to make your sandbag last longer? Use pre-dried sand (Dried Sand Bag) to prevent the moisture in natural sand from damaging it through bacteria and mould.



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