Gym Grips Cross Training

Taking care of yourself even during the toughest workouts

Working out is an activity that gives benefits to both the body and the mind. There are many types of workouts to discover, even for the most diverse needs and interests. However, as with most things, sports bring their benefits if done correctly.

Cross Training: complete training

A particular type of workout that’s quite popular at the moment is that of “cross” or also known as Cross Training. It’s a training technique that involves more than one sports discipline, even contrasting each other, with the scope of increasing ones’ performance and fitness level.

The creation of this sport was inspired by the Triathlon; they began studying and analyzing how a workout based on one sport, like running, could help the performance of another discipline, like swimming.

This practice of cross training includes various sports and the desired increase searches for different motor stimuli for every workout. In fact, working with different muscles in every session allows and facilitates the recovery of microlesions of the muscle and tendon tissues that occur during physical activity resulting in preventing injuries.

The movements involved in the exercises of this discipline are inspired by natural movements like running, jumping, pulling, etc. truly activating all of the muscle chains in an effective way.

Characteristics of gym grips for Cross Training

Analyzing a discipline like this one you can immediately notice that hands are put to their limit, being the fulcrum of the various exercises. There are exercises with barbells, pull ups on the bar or with rings and inevitably the hands play a fundamental role in each of these exercises.

This is why one of the most important accessories in this discipline are gym grips.

These Cross Training accessories have various functions that can be seen in different situations. Below are the main reasons that they’re used.

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They’re breathable, anti-sweat and anti-slip, which are the most important characteristics. These qualities derive mostly from the material that it’s made of: usually materials used to make sport fabrics like neoprene, coated in microfiber for comfort.

In this way, the accessory guarantees a firm grip on the bar whether they’re rough or smooth.

The scope of preserving the hands from painful and annoying calluses, the Cross Training gym grips have a comfortable design that guarantees adequate blood circulation. The maximum comfort is given from the fact that the gym grip follows the form of the hand and covers the entire palm.

Deviating from the most common design of gym grips composed of two or three holes on the upper extremity to position the fingers, you can also find more sophisticated gym grips. They are models created for more comfort while minimizing the amount of time to put them on, whether in a race or working out. They are, in fact, an example the gym grips in real leather with the elastics substituting the holes in order to have a quick and firm grip on the gym grips.

How to choose the best Cross Training gym grips?

On the market you can find a large selection of gym grips that vary depending on their design, materials and brands.

Undoubtedly a first choice for those who want the best are gym grips that were purposely created and studied for Cross Training: these have the specific characteristics that the athletes of this discipline know how to appreciate.

A common characteristic of the Cross Training gym grips considered among the best is having the back of the hand exposed while the palm is covered. This aspect is fundamental to help the hand breathe. It allows body humidity to dissolve, avoiding creating an environment that favors fungus and bacteria.

A good model is constituted from those with three holes that are bigger than average. This is the characteristic that determines the particularity because it increases the level of protection of the hand.

Among the best models we find those that target, beyond comfort, greater yield: the grip on the equipment is guaranteed and the adherence to the wrist, through a Velcro strap, assures a tight grip during exercises.

How are gym grips washed?

It’s usually recommended to hand wash them in order to not wear out or compromise the material.

In particular, for the external surface you can use a regular degreasing soap.

It’s important to not let the product dry in the sun after washing – better to let it dry indoors, but in a warm environment.

Like the other products, leather gym grips require a more delicate wash: preferably don’t emerge in water, and they should be cleaned with products specifically for leather with a damp cloth.

Cross Training gym grips advice: what to consider when choosing

Expert athletes tend to prefer gym grips that are called “to the half finger” for comfort, because the liberty of the fingers allows greater movement and allows greater sensibility when touching the equipment.

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Another aspect to consider is the material. Particularly versatile are the gym grips in leather, because they’re natural and breathable, but also for a high level of elasticity of the material. Nonetheless, in the world of Cross Training, what truly counts is the efficiency of the gym grip on the bar and the grip that you’re able to have during gymnastic exercises. As a result, the gym grips that are particularly loved aren’t the leather ones, but in carbon fiber, that guarantee a firm grip on any type of bar.



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Gym Grips Cross Training

Taking care of yourself even during the toughest workouts Working out is an activity that gives benefits to both the body and the mind. There


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