“Solid wood” Gymnastic rings with straps

gym rings

Even a wood ring deserves an R&D study, especially when it needs to be employed for heavy duty workouts, like the Gymnastic drills are. Most of wood rings are made according to the required specs of diameter and thickness, but many of them do not feature a specific construction process that provides to the athletes a really safe use. The Xenios USA® Gymnastic Wood Rings, in order to match such high safety requirements are made by CNCing a solid piece of wood and then tested to bear up to 300 Kg. The standard way to make wood rings is quite less in stiffness: rings are made by gluing two half-rings together.

It reduces cost of manufacturing and, meanwhile, it creates a critical point on rings construction. Gymnastic Wood Rings must be coupled with adjustable straps: straps need to be safe too ! Most of straps for rings are made of recycled Polypropylene, while the Xenios USA® ones are made by using marine-grade Nylon that features up to 1200 Kg. tensile-strength, versus the average 250 to 300 Kg. of the recycled Polypropylene.The choice of a professional workout tool should be always driven by a deep check of construction specs and no<t just by its cost. Gymnastic drills also include upside-down workouts so a gear failure may result in to serious  injuries.

By the way, never forget to maintain and inspect your gear on a regular basis: all stuff can get worn by the use, even when it was thought to last as longer as possible.



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