The Field Gym™

The future of outdoor gym

Have you ever thought of being able to train outdoors, but with all the equipment you need available, like in the box?

The Field Gym ™ was created with the intention of offering the market a fully equipped training facility, transportable and positionable anywhere, characterized by an extreme rationalization of equipment and storage, both internally and externally.

Installazione The Field Gym™ a Dubai

The Field Gym™ project takes advantage of the infinite customization possibilities offered by the Container-Boxes for transporting goods, extremely suitable for being transported and installed practically anywhere.

The Container-Boxes for the transport of goods are built to withstand the harshest environmental conditions possible, while maintaining dimensions and weights reduced to the bare minimum.

These characteristics make them extremely suitable to become real gyms, temporary or permanent, in outdoor areas where it would otherwise be impossible to think about the construction of a masonry structure.

All the equipment of the Field Gym™ can be stored inside the Container-Box around which it is set up.

This allows you to have an entire set of equipment available, which during operating hours is placed all around the Container-Box and, in the evening, can be stored in an orderly and safe way inside it.

The interior of the Container-Box can be customized according to needs, it is possible to store gym bumpers, dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, barbells and even cardio machines.

An idea that becomes reality: Rimini Waterfront Gym

In collaboration with the Municipality of Rimini, in the green area of ​​via Beccadelli adjacent to Piazzale Fellini in the heart of Marina Centro, Xenios USA® is the official supplier of the equipment for the Rimini Waterfront Gym: a real “mobile gym”, obtained using a freight containers.

The facility is equipped to offer training classes for up to 12 people.

For five days a week, including Saturday and Sunday, it will be possible to train with certified trainers from CrossFit® Way Out in Rimini.

Outside the class hours, the facility will remain available to anyone who wants to train freely.

What do those who have tried it say?

What excites us most is hearing sincere feedback from those who have the opportunity to use our installations.

« It is nothing more than a Container that houses a fully-fledged gym. It gives us the opportunity to train even here on the Lungomare in Rimini and it is a reality that I would recommend for any type of activity, from CrossFit® to other facilities. More containers, fewer gyms! »

Tobia Celli – Owner CrossFit® Way Out

« If any mayor or councilor of any Italian municipality comes to mind … DO IT because it is extra-powerful, allow the gyms to do it. There is everything you need and then do outdoor training… it rocks! »

Pietro Comini – YouTuber

The Field Gym™ is the new frontier of outdoor functional training.

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