The Gear Box EN
The Gear Box EN

The Gear Box

Increase the income of your Gym

The store in your gym

Gear Starter Pack

About 40 products selected to provide your customers with all the choice of the most requested and used Xenios accessories.

Display tower for free

The Display Tower allows you to create a well-organized and clearly visible exhibition corner, to remind your customers that their box/gym offers the opportunity to try, see, touch and buy quality accessories directly on the spot for their workouts. They will be able to use what they have bought immediately without having to wait for delivery!


The Display Tower supplied has a Xenios USA® window sticker, is equipped with 3 shelves and a door with a key lock. Inside there is space to distribute and display the entire Starter Pack. Upon request, it is possible to add more quantities to the Starter Pack in addition to those of the basic pack.

a well-rounded service

revenue for your gym

Your gym can become an exhibition space to increase your revenues without huge investments and offering the customer an exclusive service.

The Gear Box EN

xenios usa - 2009

Creating Training zones


Guaranteed Products

We go beyond the warranty, Xenios USA® products are designed to last.


Happy customers

Since 2009, thanks to thousands of boxes designed and created, we have accumulated feedback and experience.


After Sales Assistance

We become friends with customers forever, because Xenios USA® is there before, during and after. We are here.

what do customers think

more than 900 reviews

With TrustPilot and Google Business we have  

collected nearly 1000 reviews.

The Gear Box EN


November 12, 2022


“I have already purchased Xenios products in the past. All products are of high quality and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Products received perfectly packaged and free of transport damage.”

The Gear Box EN

Iuri Proietti

October 25, 2022


“There are no adjectives to describe Xenios. I had a GREAT time! Effective and efficient, as well as having a friendly and ultra-helpful staff. I will certainly continue to buy from them. THANK YOU!”

The Gear Box EN

Lukketta&Motosport Italy

September 9, 2022


“I appreciated Xenios in the fitness center that I frequent and I decided to buy some things also for my routine at home, quality materials and aesthetically they adapt very well to any context, easy to interact with the site, ordered material available, arrived fast, satisfied with the  choice.”

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Doubts and Questions

If we don’t answer your questions about The Gear Box here, write directly to

There is space for all the products in the Starter Pack, we also suggest you on how to arrange them inside the showcase, but you can choose to distribute them as you prefer!

Yes, the Display Tower is provided free of charge together with the Starter Pack order confirmation.


The Display Tower measures 43x37x163 cm.

Once the order has been received, the time to prepare the Starter Pack and customize the Display Tower is approximately 15 days.

Christmas is upon us!

The Gear Box showcase is full of gift ideas.

The Gear Box EN

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