One small step, one big dream

How we helped a young couple with a child open a gym in Romagna


Vanessa and Alessandro are sport lovers and in life are parents to a beautiful daughter. When they came to us they came from a different reality, but with a passion for fitness in common.

They gave lessons in the gym to make a living and worked out with determination for the pleasure of doing so. Their dream was to create a training space that had their footprint, where you could breathe a particular energy, but until now it was just a dream.

From the first moments I listened to their professional and personal story because I like to help professionals in this sector make their dreams come true, regardless of my role as a salesman.

The story of Alessandro D’Angelo.

Alessandro is a true weightlifting fan: he studied in FIPE and is a hardworking professional that’s able to help people reach results.

As most young people that are passionate about fitness try to do, he also attempts the magnificent experience of transforming fun into work.

When you know that you do something well, you have fun doing it and reaching results, the step that takes you to find someone who’s willing to pay you is smaller than one might imagine.

This is how he started working in the gym for payment from various entrepreneurs in Lazio.

However, like all fairytales there’s always a dark forest, an evil enemy, and desolate areas to affront. In the case of Alessandro, the shadow zone is the one that many young professionals come across: low pay, atypical contracts, and scarce contractual regulation.

Those who work in the sports sector know what I’m talking about. Just like when Alessandro met his partner Vanessa, with a gym experience very similar to his, the desire to grow together professionally and take a leap towards independence was born.

They decide to move together to Vanessa’s hometown, la Romagna, to open their own gym.

The challenge to become business owners

For a young trainer who decides to open a gym – small, like a personal training studio or a fitness boutique, or as large as it may be – the challenge is inherent in the world “business”.

In Italy, having a Partita IVA for more than three years represents a colossal challenge.

It’s means crossing the Pillars of Hercules of a bureaucracy bogged down in a forest of rules that aren’t always clear. Norms that are often different from zone to zone and interpreted by lazy officials.

And then you have to take into consideration the change in mentality: from passionate teacher and coach to a boss and (of necessity) expert of marketing. If 20 years ago it was enough (as an expression) to equip a beautiful gym, open the doors and wait for memberships, now it’s no longer enough.

Vanessa and Alessandro after speaking with us understood the importance of business know-how and that the first thing to do would be that of building a system that was capable of attracting clients. Because today, in order to enhance technical competence and training spaces, you need to know how to communicate (strengths) and build communication channels (brand, paper, website, social).

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Start on the right foot

Alessandro and Vanessa, certain about the reputation of the brand, contacted us to receive a quotation to be able to confront it with other companies, but in doing so they already noticed immediately the difference in our approach of listening and partnership.

We went immediately beyond the quotation and we started analyzing the project, highlighting the strengths and individuating the weak points before the first brick was laid.

From the first telephone call I knew that we could truly give them a hand in making their dream come true.

The challenge of Victory Project

The founders of Victory Project had their ideas clear about how to set up their gym from a training point of view and the necessary equipment, but to do things in the best way possible they needed:

  • Support evaluating venues.
  • High-level training in fitness marketing.
  • Consultation for creating their brand and logo.

The solutions that we provided:

  1. An expert consultant that accompanied them in the preliminary phase of evaluating locations for their gym.
  2. Thanks to Emanuele Gollinucci, the creator of Trifit System method and Xenios USA partner, they explored the themes of fitness marketing and personalized group training together.
  3. From the idea of the brand, thanks to a designer specialized in the fitness world, they developed the logo.

Everything was about to fall apart

And then, as in all fairytales, there was a dark moment. The point isn’t to avoid making mistakes, but how management reacts when they happen. Like when for just a few centimeters the rig couldn’t be fixed correctly to the wall caused by the aluminum border of the window that was overlooked during the preventive evaluations, the company responded quickly by asking the production department to create a custom piece. In just a few days, everything was resolved for the best!

And they lived happy and customers

Victory Project is a gem of a functional boutique in the center of Santarcangelo di Romagna.

In Xenios we consider it the perfect example of how you can create something truly welcoming and functional even with a limited budget.

Make your dream come true

Would you like to become a fitness entrepreneur and start in the best way possible?



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