Xenios USA® and Tuv Certification

certificazione tuv

By running a Fitness Box business, the owner’s responsibility level goes up to the “next level” and since training activities are all featured by training tools, to choose a tested and certified product should be almost mandatory, that’s the reason why we overload and overstress our equipment before delivery.

Maybe most of Box owners do not know that product safety regulations are not just a manufacturer-side affair: a made-by-the-law product is the only to protect your business from any kind of claim in case of injuries to affiliates.

Product safety comes first, and we are sure any workout gear should be ‪‎tested by an external lab in order to really be able to sign for what the product is advertised for. That’s why we are proud to announce that the Xenios USA, XRIG™ series, along with all the other steel-bolted-together training tools of the Xenios USA catalog, were tested and approved by the TUV-SUD® Lab. Just safety tests can say if the product development team did his job in the right way. In Europe, training products must be all manufactured and tested up to the European Community regulation DIN-ISO EN957 and the most reliable lab where to perform a test on a product is, indeed the German TUV® one. Germans know very well how to make safe and durable products.

Test processes are really severe and they concern either the several manufacturing safety-specs of the products and their resistance ratio to get bent or broken while seriously overloaded: up to 450 Kg. and even more. All the tested Xenios USA® training tools passed several tests, and the TUV-SUD® approved them as commercial-use (professional) products.



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