Strength Training for Women – Part 1

atleta di schiena davanti a un rack che sta impugnando un bilanciere caricato, nel

With this first article, we will begin to address the strength training for women, topic of which we will continue to speak also in the next publications. Strength training is often declined exclusively for men, also for cultural factors, relegating women to the usual workouts with resistance bands and “light dumbbells.” To be fair, we […]

Bumper plates: what they are and how to use them

Dischi bumper plate

Discs are the weights that are inserted at the ends of a barbell to increase the load lifted and there are two main types: steel discs and bumper plates. Today we are going to find out how to choose the most suitable bumper discs for you, why you should prefer them to steel ones and […]

Disc training: the complete guide

Allenamento bilancieri dischi

Discs are essential to increase the weight on the barbell and thus make the exercises more difficult and incremental. Using the same weights over and over again won’t help you increase muscle strength. To achieve this goal, you have to gradually increase the load and put yourself to the test more and more to achieve […]

Features of barbells and exercises

Quando usare il bilanciere

The barbell is a steel bar that allows you to perform a wide range of exercises and thus give more movement and enthusiasm to your workouts. However, you need to get the right barbell based on the workout you are performing. Each barbell has well-defined characteristics and it is important to choose the one that […]

Chest exercises: dumbbells and barbells

atleta che solleva manubri su panca piana

Do you want to strengthen your chest but don’t know which exercises are the best and especially the most effective ? You can decide to use machines such as the pectoral machine but the undisputed queen has always been only one: the flat bench. It is the fundamental exercise to train your pectorals. If you […]

Crosses with a flat bench: how to carry them out and variations

ragazzo che esegue croci su panca piana con bilancieri

How many times have you wanted to train your pectorals in the comfort of your home effectively ? But, since you didn’t have the cool machine in the gym, you had to go out. Well, this is no longer the case. Today you will discover how to train your pectorals effectively with just two tools: […]

Exercises with flat bench and multi-function bench

atleta su panca multifunzione che fa esercizio su panca piana

If you’re looking for a piece of equipment for your workouts, the bench press might just be right for you. In fact, it allows you to train both the upper and lower body. Some examples of exercises you can do are dumbbell rowing or bench presses for the upper body, while hip thrusts or Bulgarian […]

Shoulder exercises: benefits and how to do them

Esercizi per la spalla

Achieving strong and well-defined shoulders is one of the first goals you try to achieve with training, but it is not just an aesthetic reason. In fact, the shoulders (or deltoids) are a fundamental muscle and are involved every time we use the upper part of our body such as, for example, when we take […]

Everything you need to know about an EZ barbell

Everything you need to know about an EZ barbell

When it comes to workouts with the help of weights, a barbell is definitely a necessity. It may seem like a very simple tool, and so it is; however, behind a long steel rod there are many functions and features. We’re going to talk about the EZ barbell. It is very common to encounter the […]