Plyometric box, how to choose the right one

Choosing a plyometric box is not only important: this piece of equipment is essential in any training zone.

Choosing a plyometric box is not only important: this piece of equipment is essential in any training zone.

Do you want to equip your garage gym, your gym, or your box? Make sure you do so with a tailored set-up and equipment to meet your (or your athletes’) training needs. It’s not just a matter of efficiency and optimizing resources, it’s also a choice that has a major impact on the safety of your training environments.

What is a plyometric box for?

In short, to improve your performance through the benefits of plyometric training. Whatever sport requires high explosive strength levels, the plyometric box becomes essential for plyometric training in preparation for performance. Plyometrics is based on the eccentric and concentric contraction of muscles, making full use of the energy generated. The box jump is a classic example of a plyometric exercise that can be performed with a plyo box.

Not only crosstraining or functional training then. Football, basketball, rugby and athletics also rely on the effectiveness of exercises such as the box jump. The advantages of plyometric training with a box are not limited to explosive strength training, and also to improve reactive strength and muscle elasticity.


The perfect plyometric box for your training zone

However not all the plyometric boxes are the same. Often, we meet athletes or box owner who are unable to choose the perfect one for their needs. What are the two main aspects to take into account?

  • • The level of the athletes who will be training with the plyometric box
  • • The type of training zone

If you are about to choose your next plyometric box, this is your moment. Xenios USA has developed a range of plyometric boxes that can satisfy any athlete and training space. Based on their features, you’ll be able to figure out which one is the best one for you.

Contest Plyometric Box

Let’s start with the basics. The Contest Plyometric Box is a piece of equipment that you will undoubtedly have come across during your boxing training. No box owner can imagine doing without this wooden equipment.


Warning: don’t let its minimal design fool you. This box boasts unique construction features that increase training comfort and allow it to stand the test of time, even during workouts classes. All the finishes (such as rounded corners and carrying handles) are machined to provide the highest level of precision.

Essential and durable, this birch wood plyo box can be adjusted to three different heights – 51 cm, 61 cm and 76 cm – depending on which side it is standing on. Choose the right side, depending on your workout, and start training.

The most appreciated feature of this box is the possibility to transform it into a Jerk Block, thanks to the wooden Plyo Jerk Blocks. All training zones with more than one Plyometric Box can take advantage of this feature.

Training Soft Plyometric Box

This is the true evolution of the classic plyo box. This device is the very first choice for those who want to train at home in their garage gym, safely. This box also boasts adjustable “3 in 1” heights.

What is so special about it? It belongs to the category of “soft” plyo boxes which, unlike wooden blocks, can save the trainee’s shins.


The Training Soft Plyometric Box is made of high-density recycled 250kg/mq polyurethane foam that can softly cushion the shocks, without ever losing its original shape. The high-density foam provides two great advantages:

  • • It completely eliminates the “memory” effect and maintains the shape of the cube over time;
  • • It affects the box’s weight (28 kg) and increases its stability to prevent accidental rollovers.

The polyurethane foam is also covered with a texturized PVC that increases the grip on the landing surface. No risk of slipping.

In fact, this plyometric box suits any level of athletes: from beginners to “pros”. Indeed, even those with a lot of experience can rely on this model to push their limits without having to worry about injuring their shins or, worse, falling to the ground while performing a jump.

Basically, if you’re training at home, this box is definitely the best choice.

The Training Soft Plyometric Box adapts so easily to any training needs that many Fitness clubs have chosen it to offer an “entry-level” training device. The learning phase essential to progress without any obstacles.

Safe Training Plyometric Box 2.0 – Stackable

Here’s another “soft” plyo box for those who want to optimize their spaces based on their needs: the Stackable Plyometric Box – 2.0.

Same construction features of the Training Soft Plyometric Box, but with greater versatility and an improved training experience.

Training Soft Plyometric Box

Thanks to its blocks structure, this box has the special “stackable” feature. Each block (15, 31, 51 and 61 cm) can be used individually or in combination with the others to perform sprints, squat jumps, lunges or any other kind of exercise included in your workout. Each height is colour-coded to be immediately recognisable. The attention to details in the design can be seen in the presence of handles to ease the movement of the blocks and the reinforced concealed zippers produced by the YKK® company, the best guarantee of quality and durability.

Safety during training is further improved thanks to a wider landing surface than normal boxes (75×90 cm).

So, which plyo box is perfect for you?



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