Guide to buying the Foldable Rack

Having a gym at home or in your garage is an ideal solution to stay in shape and work out when you have time after work. The Foldable Rack is the ideal structure to reach this goal since it’s one of the most versatile and fundamental pieces of equipment for any garage or home gym. These racks can have barbells and weights, they allow you to do almost all exercises from squats to the bench and also pull up exercises.

Thanks to their popularity and versatility, there’s a wide range of them available to purchase, so in order to help you choose the right Rack for you we’ve created this mini guide to purchasing a foldable rack for your house.

rack richiudibile a muro

How to choose your own foldable Rack

If you have limited space in your house or garage, a good solution is the foldable rack that requires a few centimeters more of empty space and very few centimeters of flooring to be open, and allows you to do the same exercises as you would with a fixed power rack.

The foldable wall rack costs less than the classic wall-mounted power rack and you can do many standard exercises by purchasing some accessories like the barbell support.

When purchasing a foldable wall rack, you won’t have a hard time choosing, because it’s like purchasing a normal power rack to do standard squats. It’s fundamental to evaluate the classic factors for every purchase like: construction, quality, price and design.

Secondly, you’ll have to consider the height of the ceiling of your house, the caliber and the dimensions of the steel that it’s made of, where the quality of the finishing is produced of the foldable wall rack. Furthermore, don’t make a decision based on just price, because it’s not the most important variable for purchasing this professional and quality gym equipment.

The Wall Rack’s made of high resistance steel with powder coating are among the best, according to the experts of the sector, since they’re very resistant and long-lasting. The coherence of the holes is important, they should line up correctly and not have sharp edges or burrs, or worse, points that create rust in the long run.

dettaglio del rack nel muro

Dimensions of the Wall Rack

This workout equipment has different dimensions from standard foldable racks in which the dimensions are: length 226 cm, width 12 cm and height 240 cm. When open it measures:

  • length 128 cm
  • width 111 cm
  • height 240 cm

The compact version of the foldable wall rack has dimensions when closed that are much smaller than the other racks and they are usually: length 1258cm, width 12 cm and height 240 cm. When open the Rack measures:

  • length 128 cm
  • width 61 cm
  • height 240 cm

So, choosing the foldable Rack could be done based on the dimensions that it has when closed or open in the standard or compact version.

Installation and safety of the foldable rack

Once you’ve chosen your wall rack you don’t have anything left to do except purchase it and install it in your garage or home gym. In this installation phase you have to be aware that the wall rack has to be installed on true (important) walls, never on sheetrock or anything similar. In the last case the risk is that everything collapses on the very first use and that you seriously hurt yourself. Safety is fundamental and that’s why you have to choose your foldable rack very carefully!

It’s up to you to choose, but I recommend that you don’t just consider the price, but it’s use. If you truly work out in an intensive way daily, then I encourage you to choose a foldable rack that’s produced with the right materials and that conforms to the safety norms (DIN-ISO EN957 dalla Comunità Europea).

I hope this was clear and if you enjoyed this article, share it with your workout friends.

Photo gallery of the foldable Rack.



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