Outdoor Fitness: when open air becomes a training resource


Outdoor training

Outdoor fitness and life is a dream for many, even for me.

Moving, sweating, training and living in close contact with nature are mind and body building activities. They charge our bodies with the most authentic form of human energy.

Landscapes variability, wide-open spaces, the ability to adapt to many different temperatures, the direct contact with sunlight and fresh air exposure have something in common: a huge invigorating power and a big capability to attract people.

The most recent researches on the approval index of sport activities shows, in fact, a huge rising numbers for outdoor sports particularly, such as running, cycling and triathlon. The actual world health situation related to Covid19 pandemic had helped the increase of outdoor functional training, alongside two other important figures that had supported the whole sector: the online world and personal training.

How to use outdoor spaces

The idea I want to propose is not about transferring your whole family into a wild location like the main character of Captain Fantastic did, even though I really used to love that movie because of how well is treated the topic of escaping the city life in order to return to live alongside nature.

My idea is a lot easier: I want to suggest to all fitness and sport centers to move their attention on their open spaces usability, if they have the chance to do so.

An unused terrace, a barely unconsidered green space and the proximity to a public park can all be mutated into something, which can really increase a sports center business.

Trying to take profit from outdoor activities requests means also going to embrace functional training, bootcamp, innovative personal training and high individualization group functional training. All of these activities are just a few of our Xenios consultants proposals with the goal to help entrepreneurs realizing new unseen and stimulating training spaces.

Outdoor Fitness: when open air becomes a training resource

How much does it cost to train outdoor

What about the investment? What kind of investments are necessary in order to start an outdoor training section for a fitness center?

Without considering marketing and organization, which are fundamental for any fitness service that wants to have success, the amount of money to invest will be very small if we consider proposals of simple activities like outdoor functional training with small tools. It will be surely cheaper than trying to project areas with high design standards for suspension training, excluding all of the material and color choices.

It is really important to understand if all of those tools will be installed in private or public areas, with even more doubt if we consider the use of unexperienced personnel to assist people. In that sense both rules and training areas characteristics change. They need to be thought, projected and realized in a different way, considering way more different costs. The whole investment needs to be thought in relation to predicted goals, typology of spaces available and positioning. I am not saying that most of the expensive investments are always worth it, but in this particular case I really suggest to rely on specialized companies with the right knowledge, reliability and certified products.

The true product is the customer experience

People in this social medias era want to experience something unique, they want to tell different stories with their media profiles and we, as people from the world of fitness, can satisfy their needs just proposing the best and most original offers about training and body care.

The true innovation that every sport center needs to consider is to think about their services or products in terms of customer experience.

The product we must focus on is what the customer lives. With that said, is really important to always know what is feeling someone in the exact moment we train him. Beyond technical knowledge and the best quality products, a natural area will help us to make this whole experience unforgettable for obvious reasons.

Outdoor training can create 365 different training experiences per year, all different to one another, with a beautiful different background which is changing every time, such as the sky.

In this precise moment, we cannot keep asking about what our government can do for our business, but we need to ask ourselves what can we do, as fitness professionals, in order to help people staying healthy with movement as a tool.

An outdoor gym can represent a solution for a new future project, based on health and fun even with the pandemic.



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