Outdoor training: building an outdoor Box


The already well-known benefits of Outdoor training, combined with the new needs of crosstraining (and Fitness) facilities, will contribute to the reopening of the training zone in total safety. After the Covid-19 emergency, Box and gyms have restarted their activities by redesigning their outdoor spaces: a current need to raise their safety levels, ensuring the social distancing between athletes. Furthermore, this requirement offers a far more long-term deal. Indeed, more and more Boxes are taking advantage of this situation in order to get future benefits. The best opportunities often arise from difficult situations, right?

The directives of national and International authorities

The world of Fitness and crosstraning has restarted from the Outdoors. The WHO and national health institutions directives impose a clear condition: athletes need greater safety. Access control, temperature check, social distancing, sanitation of structures and tools, and communication to athletes on the measures to take care of their own health (and others’): all to enhance the control and protection of those who train. Outdoor spaces will be even more valuable because they allow distancing during the training session and ease the management of any gatherings.

Owners take advantage of the open spaces they left a little “on the sidelines” all over the world. Outdoor training spaces will become increasingly important, and even those who do not have wide spaces available can take advantage of custom structures: the same ones that Xenios USA is providing with our just-in-time supply, based on the training needs and spaces available.


The benefits of Outdoor training in the Box

We all know the benefits of training in the park, or anywhere else outdoors. From beginners to experts, anyone can benefit from better oxygenation of the muscles by breathing some fresh air deeply. Furthermore, being able to change your training zone can become a stimulating spark for those who love to variate their workout. In a few words, outdoor training has many “pros” (including strengthening the immune system and improving the mental and physical well-being). But what about those athletes that always push their performance?

From this point of view, home training – or the classic outdoor bodyweight training – is not always the best solution (unless you set a home gym). Training outdoors means allowing athletes to return to their own Box in order to keep improving their performance.

The Outdoor Box is able to meet the needs of the owners, who want to offer more safety, and the athletes, who want to maintain and better their physical condition. In addition, Outdoor structures for Box and gyms are what the future asks for: a future that requires more attention to safety.

Xenios USA Outdoor

Xenios USA thought about Box and athletes’ safety by providing the owners with the perfect Outdoor set up. The combination of Outdoor-proof Rigs and permeable rubber flooring gives multiple solutions regarding the performable exercises and the facilities’ versatility.

Outdoor-proof Rigs

Firstly, owners have to identify the space available to add new outdoor training stations through the Rigs modularity. Xenios USA technicians are able to customize the structures completely: from the number of work stations for any workout to the customization of structures and flooring.

Furthermore, the Outdoor-proof treatment on Rig steel does not fear rust or any weathering. The galvanizing process – in combination with the high-resistance powder coating – can also reach the internal “empty” parts of the structure.

Durability, reliability, and draining properties make it a perfect investment as the Rig can be used both outdoors and indoors. The typical moisture and sweat of an Indoor Box will no longer affect the structures. Xenios USA Rigs’ quality, resistance, and durability are guaranteed by stainless steel components, and it is proven by the best crosstraining and Fitness facility in the world.

Here are some examples of set-up for your Box.


Dimensions (cm): 417 x 193 x 271(H)


Here is a Rig with 4 potential pull-up / muscle up stations (8 stations without the limitations due to social distancing) and 4 wall ball stations. Based on the distancing recommendation for athletes, this structure allows you to face some basic WODs.


Dimensioni (cm): 417 x 193 x 367(H)


Widening the range of performable, here is another structure that can fit with smaller outdoor spaces. 4 pull up stations, 2 muscle up / pull-up stations, 4 wall ball stations with the addition of 2 rings stations. The training possibilities increase exponentially!


Dimensioni (cm): 417 x 404 x 367(H)


Alternatively, this Rig boasts the rigs stations. The space for pull-ups and muscle ups will not be a problem.


Dimensioni (cm): 705 x 404 x 367(H)


A complete Rig structure is suitable for the Box with wide outdoor spaces. This Rig provides its athletes with everything they need, even a Training rope station.

Rubber flooring for Outdoor

The perfect base for Outdoor Rig is the Xenios USA permeable rubber flooring. The drainage of water due to the granules’ density and size allows you to keep training even in the rain!


In addition, the black colored rubber floor keeps its external appearance over time.


Be sure to choose the perfect floor for your training zone. The different characteristics of indoor and outdoor floorings are essential to make your training environment ready to face any weather and training situation. Also, discover the features of ECHO low-intensity rubber flooring.

If you are a Box owner, contact the Xenios USA team to set up your Outdoor Box now.

It’s Outdoor time!



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