Silex Classics

Finally, competitions are back

We feel the exact same way that you do.

We’re impatiently waiting to feel those unforgettable emotions and sensations that you get when you walk onto a CrossFit competition field: it’s a mix of high expectations, adrenaline and the fresh smell of a new rubber floor.

We want to see the post-workout effort, satisfaction and happiness knowing that we somehow made them happen.

This is why we’re honored and proud to have been chosen by the Silex CrossFit team as a technical partner for what will surely be a knock-out event: the Silex Classics.

The first edition is right around the corner, organized by the association Primal Functional Fitness and by Arthur and Line of Silex CrossFit & Cafè, a point of reference in Rennes.

We immediately connected with their staff that’s extremely enthusiastic, organized and proactive: this is just the beginning of a project that in the next few years will continue to grow until it becomes one of the most important French and European events.

The location and participants

The Silex Classics will take place in Rennes, France from the 20th to the 22nd of May at the Robert Poirier Stadium.

The Robert Poirier Stadium is a spacious and multipurpose structure that was recently built with a big outdoor area since it’s also a Track & Field Stadium and also has a large indoor space.

Both areas will be used in order to vary the exercises the athletes will do during the three days of competition. 

Dopo aver aperto a novembre 2021 la registrazione per le fasi qualificatorie della competizione, sono After opening in November 2021, more than 900 athletes registered for the qualifications of the competitions, testing themselves through two weeks of qualifications in the first half of December, challenging their capabilities and athletic preparation with four different workouts with well-assorted exercises aimed at accurately assessing the fitness level of the participants.

Usually less than half of those will continue to the finals. 

Alla fase live a Rennes presenzieranno 400 atleti, suddivisi in queste categorie: Individuali élite, The live phase in Rennes will be attended by 400 athletes, divided into the following categories: elite individuals, intermediate, scaled, master, teen and Teams of 3 man/man/woman, also elite, intermediate and scaled. There are many categories in order to create an extremely inclusive competition that allows everyone, even those who are novices to CrossFit, to have the thrilling experience of being on the competition field and being the protagonist of a live competition. 

Silex Classics

An incredible first edition

The leaderboard is full of athletes from all over France and other parts of the world. Athletes will participate also from Italy, Denmark, England and the rest of Europe.  

It’s a large community for an unforgettable event.

For an entire competition week, available for all of the competitors will be a staff of over 100 people: volunteers, judges, photographers, speakers, video-makers, DJ, security, medical staff, reporters…

Furthermore, spectators who wish to attend the event may do so completely free of cost. The stadium holds 3.000 people and beyond just attending the competition, you can also visit the booths of various brands in the Vendor Village.

The team from Xenios will also be there with an amazing stand!

Come visit us and don’t miss the special offers and the chance to see our products, from clothes to accessories.

Xenios, Official Technical Partner

To guarantee the event goes smoothly, the equipment choice of the competition is fundamental. 

Here’s some of the equipment that will be present on the competition field and warm-up area at the Silex Classics:

  • 800 square meters of rubber flooring
  • 80 barbells
  • 3.240 kg of bumper plates
  • 3.100 kg of dumbbells 
  • Magnum series rig with 16 lanes

This and much more in three trucks full of equipment…

We can’t wait to show you our hard work done with the Silex Classics team: there will be a lot of surprises and new things to see.

We’ll keep it a secret for now, but trust us that you’ll be shocked!

Silex Classics



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