Results or Excuses? The Standout Story

Standout CrossFit®: a box like it’s never been done before.

But what makes it so special?

It’s the people.

We met Sara, the box owner of Standout, that told us the story of her box, of the place she can call “home”, where she’s dedicated herself to the last three years.

What are Standout CrossFit®’s strengths?

Behind the success story of a business, there’s a large community of people.

Standout wants to be a meeting place, a place where everyone can feel at home, a place where you can teach people how to be well and have fun. A second family, where everyone wants to actively promote and pass on values such as transparency, loyalty, respect, and equality. And where (because why not?) everyone can feel unique and realize that limits exist for the sole purpose of being overcome.

Standout means to be unique, elevate yourself, and emerge.

The mission of Standout CrossFit®

Whether it’s simply to have fun or there’s a desire to reach certain results in terms of health, performance, or aesthetics, the goal is that of offering a training zone that’s adequate for every need, with highly specialized trainers and durable, high quality equipment.

Not just training, but a place where you can promote complete wellness.

Standout wants to teach people how to be healthy and have fun.

Why did Standout CrossFit® choose Xenios USA?

Situated in Sesto Fiorentino and open since 2018 with a total layout measuring 1200 square meters indoors and another 800 square meters outdoors, Standout CrossFit® is one of the biggest CrossFit® boxes in all of Italy.

Surely it’s not easy to equip and manage a structure this large and with so much potential without having a clear idea of what goals you want to reach and what you want to offer to your clients.

Sara, as described by one of her collaborators, is a determined girl that maintains a well-defined line of thought that’s coherent with the idea that created her box.

Attention to detail, a wide variety of equipment and high quality materials, before and after sales customer service: these are the ingredients to make an extraordinary place unforgettable.

We’re happy that Sara chose us for her grand life project.

Standout CrossFit® in numbers

  • 1200 sqm of CrossFit®
  • 750 sqm of equipped outdoor space
  • 20 Private parking spaces
  • 40 meters of Magnum Series Xenios USA® Rig
  • 8 Concept2 Rower
  • 8 Concept2 SkiErg
  • 8 Concept2 BikeErg
  • 8 Assault Air Bike
  • 2 Assault Air Runner
  • 76 Barbells
  • 1 Area Competitor
  • 1 Area Weightlifting
  • 1 Area Powerlifting
  • Strongman Equipments
  • 1 Area Kids
  • 200 mq of locker rooms
  • 18 Showers
  • 2 Wellness areas, Turkish Bath and Finnish Sauna
  • 2 Doctors
  • 1 Refreshment areas

Results or Excuses?

We think that the Standout CrossFit® story speaks for itself: no excuses, and with hard work you can reach incredible results.

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