The “traveling gym” to keep on training

The Trifit Truck is here as the first traveling gym designed to train outdoors, in total safety, with qualified trainers and, with all the equipment you need. The experience of trainers and professionals, together with the power of crowdfunding, has achieved something unbelievable. Xenios USA is the technical partner for the realization of the first gym on wheels.

The idea of a traveling gym

Since the first lockdown in February 2020, the Fitness world has kicked off several effective initiatives to keep on training and not overlook its community’s psycho-physical well-being. Among hundreds of ideas, the Trifit Truck was something new in the Italian panorama.

The first gym-van is born from the mind of Emanuele Gollinucci and Valentina Facciani, coach and creators of the Trifit method. Once set up, this fitness truck will work as a mobile outdoor gym, which is able to train 10 people at the same time – obviously, in compliance with the social distancing and sanitization procedures.

Since the start of online training, Emanuele and Valentina have understood the potential limits of this practice. With “improvised” weights, the bodyweight workouts soon became an obstacle to achieving customers’ training goals. In addition, the lack of training tools on the market was another disadvantage for many fitness enthusiasts.

Even when the Outdoor Training could represent the best solution, a proper full set of equipment always provides safety when increasing the workloads. This will improve the training quality.

The “traveling gym” to keep on training

But limits are made to be pushed and turned into opportunities. So how can we do that?

The crowdfunding campaign

January 2021. The crowdfunding campaign for the construction of the Trifit Truck ended with amazing results. The campaign goal was not only achieved, it was shattered. The community of supporters, customers and sponsors donated €29,435 (the initial target was €6,000) to support the project.

The “traveling gym” to keep on training

The Trifit Truck’s success is based on the idea of setting up a van as a mobile gym and offering all fitness fans a way back to sociality in safety. After more than a year of restrictions, we all understood the importance of training together. Traveling Outdoor Training is a way to strengthen the immune system, fight individual training loneliness, and promote our well-being.

After the successful fundraising, the project is on the right track. The van has been purchased and it is currently being restyling, the training equipment has already been selected. Soon, we will see the Trifit Truck at work to provide everyone with a new perspective of an outdoor workout.

Xenios USA has decided to take part in this innovative project since its birth.

Xenios USA as the technical partner

Everything comes from a dream, an idea. But when dreams become projects, you need the support of a technical partner that can lead the creator towards the most efficient design choices.

The “traveling gym” to keep on training

Xenios USA is involved in the Trifit Truck project. In the design phase, Francesco Perticari – head of the Xenios USA Functional Training department – has helped address the design challenges, providing the best solutions for the Fitness Truck preparation.

We want to help set in motion this initiative that aims to safeguard fitness and our well-being. Keep on training is a top priority. And you, are you training?



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