What is CrossFit® cage

A CrossF®it cage or CrossFit® Rack is a training station, which is used to perform barbell exercises and functional training.

In general, it is a structure made up of four vertical steel pillars, joined horizontally with bars, capable of generating stability and safety for those who train. In other cases, there are two pillars and the structure rests on the wall, wall rack or foldable wall rack.

Let’s find out together when this tool was born and how to use it.

When CrossFit® was born

CrossFit® was born in the 70s thanks to its creator and coach Greg Glassman, who then founded his first gym in Santa Cruz, California in 1995.

Initially, this type of training was used only by military forces and in police academies for the athletic training of service personnel. Over the years, it has spread among high-level sports professionals.

In 2000, along with his wife Lauren Jenal, Glessman filed the trademark CrossFit®, although the success of CrossFit® gyms did not take place until after 2008. In the 2000s, CrossFit® spread rapidly thanks to its adaptability to every fitness need among ordinary people.

To date, there are over 150 countries where this type of training has spread and in Italy alone there are over 500 CrossFit® gyms. We can therefore say that it is very difficult to go to a gym dedicated to CrossFit® and not find these facilities, as it is the basis of functional training.

CrossFit Cage
CrossFit® basic cage

CrossFit® cage training elements

Promoted as both an exercise philosophy and a competitive fitness sport, incorporating elements of high-intensity interval training and CrossFit® gear such as:

  • Kettlebell
  • Strongman
  • Plyometric Box
  • Calisthenics
  • Powerlifting
  • Gymnastics
  • Olympic weightlifting
  • Sand bag

and many other exercises.

It is practiced by members of CrossFit-affiliated® gyms, and by people who complete daily workouts (otherwise known as “WOD” or “Workouts of the Day”). It should be remembered that not everyone can train with CrossFit® cages, it is important to be trained, contact certified instructors if you want to learn and to avoid unpleasant episodes.

cage with barbell
CrossFit® cage with barbell and plates, equipped with safety arms in case of failure during a limit performance.

CrossFit® cage training has also been proposed in high schools by physical education teachers, but to date we still do not have the right bureaucratic tools to make this discipline enter schools as a physical activity.

CrossFit® cage training tools

The tools for training in CrossFit® have evolved over time, from simple barbells and other single gym equipment to complex steel structures, giving the possibility to perform most if not all of the exercises required by CrossFit, these steel structures are called: CrossFit® Cage.

In recent years, CrossFit® cages have become more and more widespread, even as training equipment for the home gym, being a tool that allows a complete and targeted workout to have a toned and defined body.

The CrossFit cage, also known by insiders as the CrossFit® structure, can be composed of different useful tools for functional training of the body and muscle mass such as: barbells, benches, horizontal ladder, pull-up bar, parallel bars, rings, etc.

Thanks to this gym equipment you can do functional training, train yourself to feel less and less fatigue. The more training you do correctly, the better you are in terms of goals.

cage with elastic bands
CrossFit® cage with barbell and elastic pull up loop band.

An ideal CrossFit® cage must give you the opportunity to perform a series of exercises in total safety, throughout your workout. It allows you to practice interrupted sets, i.e. perform exercises with a break between one exercise and another, thus giving you the opportunity to rest especially if you are under excessive strain during training.

The cages allow you to control the harmonious development of the entire muscle mass of the body in all its parts and touching the results of a workout done consistently.

It can be said with certainty that the CrossFit® cage is a real resource, from every point of view thanks to the possibility of training safely and achieving the set results.

Costs of a CrossFit® cage

For a gym in the garage, depending on the model and the accessories you want to add to perform the exercises such as barbell supports, plates, hooks for resistance bands, pull-up bars, parallel bars, rings and so on. So giving a final cost is not possible since you can find models that start from 400 € up to over 3000 €.

However, we can say that a CrossFit® cage requires that quality materials are used and that it is safe for those who use it, so it is essential to evaluate these features even before thinking about the cost.

CrossFit® cages costs for gyms and boxes

For gyms, the costs vary according to the square meters made available, in which case it is better to contact a consultant to help you evaluate a customized solution.



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