Bodyweight gym: functional training anywhere!


In the world of functional training, bodyweight training is the expression of different workouts and intensities. One of the most effective ways to train is provided by the Bodyweight Gym, working out without machines and without weights makes the perfect environment “anywhere”. Let’s discover a new way to perform “suspension training” and get the best out of it!

Functional training and suspension training

Functional training is based on bodyweight sessions to improve athletic performances and increase body perception within the surrounding environment. Over the years, functional training has evolved by developing extremely effective total-body workouts, impacting strength, coordination, and stability.


One of these workouts is offered by the suspension training, which was created in the 90s involving athletes from different backgrounds and disciplines. UFC athletes, football players, fitness enthusiasts, and athletes in rehab can have a session in suspension training, challenging their athletic skills through increasingly complex exercises. Many trainers love this training modality to calibrate intensity and training loads.

How does suspension training work?

One main tool that is essential to perform your suspension training sessions: Bodyweight Gym. A simple combination of handles and adjustable straps eases the calibration of the body inclination and gravity in order to perform with the “right” weight load for any training. According to the principles of suspension training, this tool uses gravity to create the extra weight needed during the training session.

One or more anchor points – along with a system of straps and carabiners – make the Bodyweight Gym one of the most versatile training tools. Besides choosing the training zone and the workload, this unique system trains the whole body effectively. Biceps, triceps, pectorals, abdominals, and legs can be involved. The advice of a trainer will help the athletes to get the best out of the Bodyweight Gym.


Bodyweight gym: train wherever you want

Have you ever dreamed about training wherever you can find an anchor point? Any railing, door, tree or anchorable point can be the center of your training zone with the Bodyweight Gym. The optimal anchor point is located between 2.10m and 2.80m. Also, it is recommended to save a rectangular space – between 2m and 2.5m – for performing your exercises.

The anchoring on one (or more) fixed points also allows you to train unilaterally. No other tool allows you to perform effective one-sided exercises with natural loads.


The benefits of training with the Bodyweight Gym

Within a limited space, the Bodyweight Gym allow you to perform a full-body workout in less time than a normal session at the gym. 20 minutes might be enough to burn calories and strengthen your muscles. Based on your free time, you decide your training program. The Bodyweight Gym makes you work on every muscle towards your fitness goal.

The wide choice of performable exercises expresses one of the main strengths of this tool. Additionally, this way of suspension training also involves the “secondary” muscles. Suspension training and Bodyweight Gym focus on the core and posture. Training with the bodyweight gym naturally impacts muscle strengthening and postural improvement.

Based on the training intensity, you can reach surprising results for your body with this universal training tool. Burning calories, building strength, improving endurance, rehab… each of these activities can be performed with the bodyweight gym.


Could the bodyweight gym be a universal training tool? Any bodyweight exercise is possible. Moreover, athletes can use it at any level: from beginners to professionals, Bodyweight Gym assists the growth of athletes. That’s why this tool is extremely useful for rehab practice. The management of training loads and exercise complexity is essential, too. In addition, anyone can develop their concentration using the Bodyweight Gym sessions: suspension training can be very challenging. The key is to stay focused on your coordination and stability.

bodyweight_gym_trainingThe straps and handles of Bodyweight Gym also work on muscle flexibility. If used correctly, this tool will support your stretching sessions.

How to use the Bodyweight Gym

The bodyweight gym is a portable gym, highly appreciated by those who to train at home or outdoors. The Xenios USA Bodyweight Gym set includes:

  • Carry bag for equipment transport
  • Adjustable straps with buckles and neoprene covers to avoid friction and injuries
  • Anchoring straps, called “anywhere anchoring straps” since they can be fixed on any fulcrum by trimming the height of the portable gym
  • door anchoring strap to use the doors as anchoring points
  • neoprene coverings to cover the carabiners
  • multi-purpose handles to ease the grips with hands and feet

Y-kit for pulley exercises in order to work on the core

Bodyweight gym: functional training anywhere!

Once the Bodyweight Gym is installed, everything is ready to start your workout. The inclination of the body in relation to the ground will determine the workload and intensity of your training. Start gradually and warm-up for a bit. As the workout intensity increases, you can make it even more difficult by reducing the landing surfaces. Perform the exercises on one foot to challenge yourself.



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