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The reopening of Box and gyms needs new foundations to build their future. The Train Safe, Train Better principle can enrich the cultural background of every athlete and Fitness entrepreneur. X-Safety is the new line of products selected by Xenios USA for a quick reopening of Fitness facilities. Moreover, this product selection will maintain higher safety and efficiency standards compared to the pre-Covid19 period. Starting from today, X-Safety will provide cutting-edge tools to make the entire sector safer and more efficient. Let’s start from the beginning …

To achieve a goal, setting a starting point is essential. Safety is a cornerstone for any sector. It is the best launchpad to start (or restart) a business. It becomes even more crucial in the world of Fitness. This industry, indeed, aims to improve everyone’s quality of training (and life): from enthusiasts to professional athletes.

The topic of “gym safety” comes from a simple question and answer: how to train without the basic safety conditions of the training environment? It’s simply not possible.

Have you ever wondered how athletes can reach their top performance? For starters, they can perform in an environment that makes them feel safe. Everything around them, from the air they’re breathing to the training tool they’re using, is designed to create the best condition possible. Maximum attention should be given to every detail since it can be the difference between pushing performance limits or underperforming the last WOD.

Safety is the basis, and Xenios USA has followed its philosophy to achieve a product line in perfect compliance with government directives and International health authorities on safety and health care.

The World Health Organization has already released the guidelines for activities reopening by publishing some technical guidance for workplaces.

… So, what are the tools that allow owners of Box or gyms to get back on track?

Hygiene and disinfection Products

Starting from the basics, be sure to use the “right” products, like disinfectant with the highest sanitizing power. Rely + On™ Virkon™ is part of the X-Safety selection since its formulation is the most powerful and effective compared to any other product. Medical facilities, biosecurity laboratories, and nursing homes already use this broad-spectrum disinfectant, which is compatible with a wide range of materials (including silicone, plastic, and rubber). Check the compatibility chart.


World Health Organization asks for “clean and hygienic workplaces”. In conformity with these guidelines, the oxygen-based chemical chemistry of Rely + On ™ Virkon ™ contains simple organic salts and organic acids, in order to reach extremely effective virucidal action. Moreover, its components are classified as biodegradable.

Discover other X-Safety products for users and environmental hygiene, such as the Anti-bacterial Gel for hands.

Devices for air and surface hygiene

Health institution guidelines also refer to air sanification. That’s why among the X-Safety catalog, there are devices such as ReSPR3001, an air sanitizing system that uses photocatalysis technology, a natural process for the production of agents that make air noxious substances harmless.


ReSPR3001 is easy to use due to the Plug and Play system.

Discover the other X-Safety devices for the air treatment, such as Felmar 130, a digital dry aerosol generator (combinable with Rely+On™ Virkon™)

Temperature Cameras

What is missing? A system that can immediately identify “at-risk” users, even before they enter your facility. Today, the temperature check is a standard procedure imposed by the health authorities to verify people’s health.

The range of compact thermal cameras, selected by Xenios R&D department, are essential for monitoring the Fitness facilities.


These cameras can connect to your devices to give you an immediate overview of the health status of Box or gyms users.

The range of thermal cameras is not the only tool available for effective access control. Discover the Dahua most advanced systems for facial recognition and access control.

All over the world, governments encourage sports facilities to purchase devices that conform with the directives for the containment of Covid-19. All of the products in the catalog have been selected as the best in the market for performance and results.

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