Multipower: is it right or wrong to use it?

Among the equipment that should definitely be in a gym, you will certainly find the Multipower. It is, indeed, a tool which is increasingly present and comprehensive, used by athletes of all levels.

Also known as the Smith Machine, we can define it as a comprehensive piece of equipment because its structure and basic purpose make it versatile for many types of workouts.

Focused typically on increasing leg muscle mass, it is commonly used by bodybuilders. The Multipower simulates weightlifting movements and exercises like squats, military presses, and bench presses.

It consists of four vertical posts that form a structure similar to a cage. A fundamental feature is the barbell with fixed ends on two guides: it is connected to two of the posts, allowing it to slide only up and down, thus enabling only a vertical trajectory.

smith machine

Another factor that makes this gym equipment famous is having additional safety features, allowing athletes to train without the need for a spotter: along the side guides, safety blocks can be attached below which the barbell cannot descend, stopping it in case of loss of control.

Despite the numerous features that seem to make it an advantageous tool, not everyone shares the same opinion, so it’s fair to analyze both sides and the opinions about it.

Opinions on this equipment: pros and cons of the Multipower

To properly consider the usefulness or lack thereof of the Multipower, we can start with a list of pros and cons, so everyone can form an informed opinion on the matter.

Let’s start with the cons, which are important for athletes who are attentive not only to physical performance, but also to their health.

The first effect that constitutes a drawback for using the Multipower is called the “grater” effect: as the name suggests, this effect works a bit like when grating cheese. Over time, using this machine can lead athletes to wear down the cartilage that protects their bones, resulting in joint problems.

Fortunately, in only a few rare cases the cartilage is so worn down to reach the bone.

A second downside of using this tool is the underlying cause of the previous issue: it forces an unnatural movement pattern. This is because it doesn’t allow for freely adjusting and controlling the movement in space, but rather restricts you to the fixed path of the Multipower.

The biggest issue with this constraint is that this tool is symmetric, while the vast majority of humans are asymmetric. So, we are forced into a movement that is unnatural for our asymmetric bodies, leading to the grater effect.

smith machine

A third downside is that it underutilizes stabilizing muscles, another issue stemming from the fixed path: at first, one might see as an advantage not having to worry about maintaining balance independently, but this leads to a lack of training for parts of the body that would usually be involved. This, in many cases, increases the risk of injuries.

The last, and somewhat less significant, downside is that it doesn’t allow to train your coordination, which typically improves when performing exercises without equipment like this.

At this point, let’s also analyze the pros, which, however, are not few and can be exploited by both athletes and those who teach the mechanics of such movements.

The first of the pros is the ability to work with heavier loads: by involving fewer muscles, paying less attention to coordination, and having guided movements, you can push yourself to increase the load, which, however, is also what leads to the grater effect.

The second advantage is the ease of movement due to the reasons mentioned before: less muscle involvement, reduced need for stabilization, and predetermined movements facilitate performing exercises. This can be a real benefit especially for those instructing or guiding workouts, for the personal trainers.

Another pro is the reduced risk of direct injuries: the ease of movement and less difficulty in managing coordination of the gesture makes it less likely for individuals to get injured during the workout. As mentioned earlier, the Multipower is also designed with the purpose of preserving the athlete’s health and physical integrity, even for those training alone.

Multipower, what it means for a gym to own it

In addition to all the advantages listed before, we shouldn’t underestimate the economic benefits that can be gained at a business level. In gyms, indeed, it is becoming more and more common for several reasons.

The Multipower works, first and foremost, as an incentive: knowing that it reduces the risk of direct injuries and facilitates movement is also very appealing for less experienced athletes.

But this advantage also affects another factor: this ease and safety allow gym owners to not have to hire too many instructors to constantly monitor whether the work is being done correctly.

smith machine



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