Training at home: there’s always room for a vertical gym!


The struggle to follow your training routine is crystal clear. It’s not easy to keep the focus high, but for those who have a sporty lifestyle, putting training on hold is not an option, so the best solution right now is to do it safely at home. How many times have you thought you didn’t have enough space to set up a home gym or garage gym?

Everyone can set up a training zone at home. You don’t always need to have wide areas to optimize the space available and store all your equipment; sometimes, you just need to… change your perspective! Set up your vertical gym anywhere you like and forget about your workout equipment scattered on your house’s floor, in the garden or your garage.

Fixing your equipment to the wall or storing it correctly has many positive effects on your home and well-being.

It’s easy to realize how much space you have after you’ve tidied up a room. It’s a familiar feeling to many athletes who choose to set up their vertical gym with Xenios USA. Are you wondering how?The right combination of equipment and accessories gives you the chance to set up a training space using your home’s walls. No compromises are required for your workouts. The right equipment will allow you to train just like at the box or gym, using whatever space you have available.

The advantages of a vertical gym

The ‘pros’ of setting up a vertical gym are the same advantages of having a home gym at your disposal. You can work out whenever you like, regardless of travel restrictions, bad weather or unforeseen events. You are the master of your own workouts and you can choose to give time to yourself whenever you want.

Garage Gym Xenios USA

Don’t forget that physical activity remains a top priority when it comes to well-being and quality of life. Sport strongly influences not only our body but also our mood and mind. Since Covid and its consequences, more and more people have become aware of the benefits of sport for our mental and physical health. The result? The world of Fitness is growing in the number of enthusiasts who have chosen to dedicate a home space – more or less wide – to training.

Space is one of the critical issues in the first stages of designing a home gym. One of the most frequently asked questions is, “do I have enough space for my training needs and equipment?”. A vertical gym is the best way to optimize space management and your furniture layout. Xenios USA provides everyone with the perfect accessories to take advantage of their home’s walls and create a workout environment worthy of this name. 

vertical gym xenios USA

Many people think that equipment should be hidden from view, especially from guests. Nothing could be more wrong. Xenios USA equipment, geared towards quality and design, will enrich your indoor environment with so much value to become an absolute furnishing accessory. Show it proudly!

The essentials for your vertical gym

Let’s take a look at some of the accessories and equipment essential to set up your vertical gym. Where to start? The flooring.

Garage Gym Xenios USA home gym

XFloor – The Essentials weight drop rubber tile

Anti-trauma flooring is essential to start your workouts, whether they’re bodyweight sessions or with your equipment. Xenios USA’s rubber tile is essential, thanks to its double protective function: it protects the floor underneath from damages caused by accidental drops or falls while preventing user’s injuries and traumas.

Discover all the features of the Xenios USA rubberized floor.

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Garage Rack

It is one of the most popular pieces of equipment for athletes who train at home, in their garage gym. The Garage Rack can be attached to any wall and can be opened or closed when needed. This structure can be folded into the wall occupying just 12 cm, optimizing your space management. It is available in 2 versions, one of which is compact.Your vertical gym takes shape for pull-ups, barbells and bench exercises.

Discover all the features of the Garage Rack.

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Wall Mounted Hanger for bench and rower

Do you want to maximize your indoor spaces? The Wall Mounted Hanger for bench and rower is essential to hang your bench and rower on the wall. THE ESSENTIALS – Utility Flat Bench is a minimal design bench to complete your perfect training equipment. The RowErg Concept2 ModD with PM5 monitor needs no introduction as it is the world’s best-selling rower.You can hang or fold it up on the wall once your workouts are over.

And that’s just the beginning!

Want to set up your own workout space at home? Let Xenios USA’s specialists advise you on the tools and accessories you need to train without compromises, even in a minimal area.



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